Panos Tsilopoulos

Panos Tsilopoulos

Software engineer by day, computer scientist by night. Georgia Tech grad. Imposter syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes survivor. Originally from Greece.

Event-Driven Architectures: Patterns

Many of the best practices that apply to building distributed software systems also apply to serverless application development. These are some important design patterns that can help you build well-architected applications.

Event-Driven Architectures: Motivation

Event-driven architectures have grown in popularity in modern organizations. This approach promotes the use of microservices, which can be designed as serverless applications. This post discusses the benefits of the event-driven approach, along with the trade-offs involved.

DynamoDB & System.Text.Json

A hands-on DynamoDB .NET serialization guide, exploring existing Newtonsoft.Json use cases and replacing them along the way with System.Text.Json suitable equivalents.